20+ Years of consistently positive ROI Name recognition and piqued interest in obtaining available prescriptions and products to address symptoms and ailments

Informed patients enabled to have more meaningful discussions with their trusted physicians

Immediate “return on impression” and potential for customer conversion

Relevant and critical information delivered to the proper patient at precisely the correct time

Leading Global Publishing Powerhouses Trust CoverWrap.

CoverWrap partners with magazines which audiences rely upon to make some of the most important decisions in their daily lives. Engage with editorial adjacencies which strengthen and build your brand.

20+ Years of consistently positive ROI

70% consistent client renewal rate

Highest satisfaction ratings from healthcare practitioners

Measurable improvement in quality of conversations among patients and physicians

Healthcare Professionals Agree

"Patients don't always point out scars - assuming that it's something they just have to live with - this program starts them asking questions and getting treatment."
— Urologist, New York, NY
"Makes asking much easier for the patients."
— FP, Rochester Hills, MI
"It's a great idea to get your product seen."
— PCP, San Diego, CA
"Magazine messages helpful for patients and makes them aware of 'Brand'."
— GP, Austin, TX
"These were great wraps to help inform patients."
— Cardiologist, Portland, OR
"Good resources and fun reading for the office's Waiting Room."
— IM, Denver, CO
"This Program has generated more interest in 'Brand' than I would have expected."
— Psychiatrist, Princeton, NJ

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