Industry Solutions

Marketing Solutions That Fit Your Industry

Finding an effective method to deliver your message to executives is crucial for your B2B marketing to succeed. We have the insights to create a campaign specific to your industry to yield the desired results.

With clients ranging from real estate to cybersecurity, CoverWrap Communications® has the industry knowledge you need to create a meaningful client experience.


We’ve worked with numerous accounting clients to create cover wrap ads highlighting their services and brand value in an innovative, eye-catching way. These ads showcase your services elegantly and professionally.

Business Banking / Finance

For banking and finance clients, nothing is more important than building strong relationships and trust with the major businesses they serve. A magazine cover wrap is the first step in beginning that communication and building that trust.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

When growing a real estate business, magazine cover wraps ads associate a brand with prestigious publications, such as Forbes Global Properties, creating a halo effect among the recipient giving the brokerage prestigious recognition and audience.

Commercial Jet Leasing

Fractional ownership of commercial jets is as popular as ever, with significant needs from clients and providers. As a commercial jet provider, it is crucial to appeal to discerning clients seeking the most secure and luxurious transportation. A cover ad connects these points through effective communication, building the relationships that allow commercial jet leasing to grow in popularity. 

Construction Equipment

Construction equipment must be reliable, safe, and strong enough to complete some of the most challenging and essential jobs. Use a powerful ad to get your powerful construction equipment into the market and onto job sites.

Conventions & Meetings

What if you could walk into a convention or meeting with a publication in your hand that showcased your company’s products, services, and achievements? You’d be able to share your story with potential clients in an immediate, tangible way. Magazine cover wraps are a unique and effective way to get people interested by showing them what you have to offer in a professional and social environment.

Corporate Consulting

Reach out to significant firms and companies with powerful magazine cover wrap ads. These ads are compelling because they allow you to reach every reader—whether they’re an experienced consultant or an up-and-coming entrepreneur looking for advice on how to get started.


The technological advances of today’s world have made it possible for companies everywhere to stay connected with their customers 24 hours a day from anywhere on earth; however, this new technology has also created new risks for companies’ data security. Cybersecurity professionals need tools that can help them protect client information while providing access to their data whenever needed. Make a powerful statement on safety and security to significant players in your industry with a single ad.

Farm Equipment

Farm equipment is a vital part of our world – from the farms, fields, and forests to the roadways and warehouses that distribute the goods we consume. This is where magazine cover wrap ads comes in – we are here to help you showcase the reliable equipment that harvests, operates, and transports world-sustaining agriculture.


Healthcare is a crucial part of our world, and it’s the most important thing we can do to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy. People rely on life-saving services and regular daily visits to get the care they need. Magazine cover wrap ads helps you connect with other healthcare providers to advertise your mission of improving health and wellness. Communicate the latest equipment, significant research findings, and essential services in a magazine cover ad.


Whether operating in a niche market or an all-inclusive approach to insurance, a stunning magazine cover wrap ad can help your insurance company build connections in the industry. Maintain a competitive edge and reputable brand name as a well-marketed insurance provider.


If you’re looking to get your company out there as an innovator in software engineering and development, CoverWrap can help you do it! A magazine cover wrap ad demonstrates what sets you apart in a uniquely targeted manner. Whether your software engineering firm is the strongest in Python, a robust developer of gaming engines, or creating programs that advance medical science, a brilliant and innovative ad establishes your software application development as the top in the industry.

Transportation / Logistics

Transportation and logistics services drive our world. Advertise your specialty in point-to-point services as you make the world more efficient by reducing costs and increasing profits through innovative solutions.

Wealth Management

Wealth management ensures continued security and stability, now and in the future. It takes skill and expertise to manage the financial needs of affluent clients and businesses. Use a CoverWrap ad to communicate the knowledge and dedication behind your firm’s holistic financial advice.

Finding the suitable method to deliver your message to executives is crucial for your B2B marketing to succeed. We have the insights to create a campaign specific to your industry to yield the desired results.

With clients ranging from real estate to cybersecurity, we are confident we have worked with a client in your industry.