Cover Wraps

Meaningful, Targeted Advertising

What is Magazine Cover Wrap Advertising?

A cover wrap is a sponsored ad message bound to the outside surfaces at the spine of a publication. It usually consists of 4-pages, 6-pages, 8-pages, or 10-pages of a sponsor’s custom messaging.

Cover wrap ad formats may vary between gatefold style, double gatefolds, and booklet style versions. Cover wrap ads are traditionally printed on the same cover stock as magazine and treated with aqueous varnish on exterior surfaces for the finished product’s quality and durability. The logo, inkjet box, and promotional disclaimer are also present on the front surface of the cover wrap.

Proven, Established & Effective Targeting

Cover wrap advertisements communicate directly to business executives (B2B), physicians, small business owners, and other highly targeted audiences strategically driving engagements and revenue.

Cover wraps provide the perfect targeting solution to speak directly to your business audience uniquely and effectively. Our programs deliver your tailored messages to key decision-makers, wrapped around the most popular national magazines keeping companies top-of-mind with powerful, prominent positioning.

Reach your most valuable audiences.

Having your message on the cover of your audiences’ favorite magazine allows you to get noticed and create an appreciative, interactive, and memorable experience. 

CoverWrap Communications® uses robust targeting to reach industry professionals by name, title, income level, professional, or other qualifying descriptors. We will send your cover wrapped issues directly to them and only them.

Continuous Communication

Your audience will look forward to each issue and receive your message in a welcomed and valued medium. Your cover wrap ads may appear every week, every other week, once a month, or quarterly depending on your business needs and magazine frequency.

Measurable Results

Magazine cover wraps are the most measurable form of print marketing there is. They are sent directly to your audience, making it easy to get real insights through qualitative research. A follow-up survey is sent to each target to gauge your campaign performance and optimize future campaigns effectively.

Audience Development

CoverWrap Communications® and its database team will develop any audience globally and provide innovative and accurate solutions. Reach your most valuable audiences, the key decision-makers you need to grow your business.

Powerhouse B2B Magazines

Our cover wraps are backed by the world’s leading B2B magazines, including Forbes, The Economist, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Inc, and many other prominent business publishers.

Let’s talk about your B2B cover wrap marketing.